Strengthening the educational and employment inclusion of youth with disabilities by engaging and strengthening youth advocacy and lobbying capacities, and raising awareness of the inclusion of young people who are in and out of the education process into programs for strengthening their employment skills.


Strengthening the leadership and advocacy capacities of student governing bodies with a view to advocate for educational and social inclusion of SwDs

In the period November 2018 - April 2019, a cycle of trainings was held for the representatives of the student governing bodies in the project VET schools in the 6 partner municipalities. The first two training workshops were conducted by Antonio Danilovski and Martina Ilievska who have extensive experience in the field of high school organizing, while the last training workshop was delivered by the trainers, Prim. D-r. Meri Boskovska, Child and Youth Psychiatrist and Certified Trainer of Social Justice, and University Professor Lulzim Ademi. The training workshops were about "Participatory Leadership and Decision Making", "Advocacy and Lobbying" and "Education for Social Justice". The training workshops aimed to introduce high school students to the decision-making system in their school and municipality, the process of advocacy and initiative realization, as well as conflict resolution and dealing with negative emotions and violence, prejudices and stereotypes, and respecting the differences and diversity with an emphasis on the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Through the training workshops the students had the opportunity to improve their self-advocacy skills and at the same time, to improve the inclusive capacities of their schools.

Improving participation of in- and out-of-school YwDs in after-school activities and existing youth clubs

The youth clubs are working to engage youth with disabilities and improve access for these people, thereby promoting the concept of inclusive partnerships and building up an open and responsible environment that enables each individual to fulfil their full potential. The project supports 18 student clubs that carry out afterschool and extracurricular activities. The table below shows which clubs operate in Project’s partner schools.


Youth Clubs

SUGS “Georgi Dimitrov” Karpos



SOU “Pero Nakov” Kumanovo

Textile Designers



SSOU ”Kiro Burnaz” Kumanovo




SOTU “Gostivar” Gostivar

Electrical Engineers

Machine Engineers

Young Architects

SOTU “Goce Stojceski” Tetovo


Textile Designers

SOU “Jane Sandanski” Strumica


SSOU “Koco Racin” Veles

Young Actors and Writers

IT and Graphic Designers


OOU “Hristijan Karpos” Kumanovo

Club of Friendship

OOU “Brakja Miladinovci” Kumanovo


The work of the clubs resulted in a variety of final products (fashion creations, video games tailored to students with disabilities, dramatization of a text and preparation of a promotional video, a solar-powered car prototype, an inclusion awareness campaign, a calendar with strong eco messages, flowers decorative arrangements, etc.)


Organising a national competition for youth creations aimed at raising awareness on marginalisation and discrimination against PwDs

On December 10, 2019 an event entitled as: “Exhibition of Youth Creations for Raising Awareness on Marginalization and Discrimination” on which the final products made by 18 student clubs supported by the Project was organized at the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje. Sports, environmental, horticultural, IT and graphic design, textile design and other youth clubs have shown the high creative potential of students with and without disabilities. The exhibition featured art paintings, decorative boxes, decorations and stuff for practical use in every-day office work. About 200 visitors at the event had the opportunity to see this fascinating collection of exhibits, as well as, to attend the presentation of the prototype of a solar car, a video game adapted for students with disabilities, and a fashion show featuring fashion creations by students of two youth clubs.

The students presented their creative and unique designs, inspired by the positive experiences of support and cooperation, despite the challenges of discrimination and marginalization of people with disabilities. The purpose of the event was to promote public awareness of inclusion by showing the high creative potential of students with and without disabilities from these clubs for extracurricular activities and recreation.

In December 2019, during 18 consecutive days, an online campaign entitled "Inclusion is ..." was launched. Within this campaign, every youth/student club was promoted each day, through a specific message and image that represented the youth’s understanding of inclusion.


Improving YwDs’ employability through inclusive soft-skills trainings and providing information on existing services and measures for job seekers

From March to October 2019, six training workshops were organized for young and unemployed persons with disabilities. The trainings were delivered by the trainer Adem Idrizi, according to the following modules: leadership, disability legislation, job search, problem solving skills, CV and cover letter preparation, business communication, teamwork and financial management. Each training was conducted in five consecutive days.

Through the trainings, young unemployed people with disabilities had the opportunity to be trained in employability skills and to improve their soft skills in job search and personal presentation to potential employers, while at the same time had a chance to be informed about what business ethics means and what are the legal incentives and active measures for employment of persons with disabilities.


Providing individual career counselling and guidance for YwDs in and out-of-school

In February 2019, a three-day training for career counselling of persons with disabilities was held at Hotel Gardenia - Veles. This training was attended by representatives from the Employment Agency, the project's primary and secondary schools and the DPOs involved in the Project.

The training was conducted by Vaska Draskovic and Adem Idrizi. This training covered aspects of career counselling for people with disabilities. During this training the participants were introduced to different kind of assessments they need for the persons they are advising in order the candidate perceives his/her capacities and abilities and to be able to seek and obtain more successful and sustainable employment in the desired field.

The training covered the following topics: communication skills, active listening, counselling principles, determination of personal values, characteristics and affinities, setting personal goals (short and long term), interview preparation and writing a personal resume. Through this training, the participants gained a set of tools that should help them as career counsellors, and provide users with an individualized approach to their optimal employment.


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